What Faith Can Do (Ben's Song)  

Vs1: I’m living for today, and I will walk by faith. They say it is a waste, why is it that I pray? My hope it is secure, tied to the scars on His hands. Fear’s knocking at my heart, but I won’t let it in.

Ch1: My God does miracles, saves the lost and weary souls. Just one touch of His white robe and you’ll be healed, that’s what faith can do.

Vs2: I cannot help but sing, for all You’ve done for me. In this suffering, Your Spirit’s moving. I will call Your name, I know You’re listening. When I can’t carry on I will look to You.

Ch2: My God does miracles, saves the lost and weary souls. Just one touch of His white robe and you’ll be healed. My God is the King of Kings, Jesus You’re my everything. Broken hearts and lives are made new, that’s what faith can do.

Bridge: I have faith to move the mountains, hope to calm the sea. I have light to break this darkness, strength to believe. I have joy in the morning, I’ll trust Him in the night. I have comfort in knowing; He’s by my side.

I Am Yours

Vs1: Days like this I feel like giving up. The world’s telling me I’m just not good enough. But I offer all I am, for Your perfect plan.

Vs2: Even when I feel like giving in, the waters are high and I can’t seem to swim. May Your praise be on my lips, I take comfort in this.

Ch: I am Yours. I am Yours. Take my heart, hold the key and keep it for eternity. I am Yours.

Vs3: I might slip, I might fall down, but I’ll climb this mountain with my arms stretched out. Cause I’m reminded whose I am and who holds me in their hands.

Bridge: So I will not fear, I will not sway. When the waves crash on the shore, my soul is anchored Lord.

You Waste Nothing 

Vs1: The most beautiful stones have been tossed by the ocean. The most glorious gold was put through the flame. The most joyful laugh had its time of tears. The one who cries out You draw near.

Ch: Even though the fire burns my lungs and my heart is overcome, cause the pain is just too strong Lord, You waste nothing. Even though my walls have been torn down You will rebuild the ruins now. There is beauty here somehow cause You waste nothing.

Vs2: The rainbow comes after the storm. I can’t become strong unless I’m already worn. It’s on my knees that I’ll seek Your face. So do whatever it takes to bring me to that place.

Bridge: Sometimes it takes a mystery to finally believe You know everything. Somehow You’ll take my heart break and put the pieces back in place, cause You are holding me. Someday the tears will wash away, I’ll look back and say, You waste nothing.

Rugged Soul

Vs1: Bought a ticket on a one-way train, cause you’ll do anything to escape this place. You’ve lived your life in a broken house, haunted by the silence. All you see is shattered glass and nothing seems to fix it.

Vs2: You got up quiet and you left your bed. No note was left cause you might as well be dead. They couldn’t know the difference if they tried. They drown themselves in a bottle every night.

Ch: Rugged soul you walk, you walk this world alone. And try to hide, to hide the pain inside. I can see the chains now, dragging you down, gotta let them fall, rugged soul.

Vs3: You’re searching for a place to rest your eyes. Desperate for some noise to hush the lies. Afraid to sleep cause all you’ll do is dream and the memories steal all of your peace.

Bridge: You wear your scars like they’re who you are (x3). You can’t carry the weight on your own. There is a greater strength calling you to let it go.

Healing at the Cross

Vs1: I see You there on the tree. You bled out all Your love for me. I carved my name into Your scars but still You hold me in Your arms.

Pre Ch: How can it be that death could bring life, dark is made light, blind eyes see. How can it be? Love and justice meet. Clean hands take place of the guilty.

Ch1: God Your mercy falls like rain, faithful always, my heart whispers Your name, Jesus. I found healing at the cross.

Vs2: Ashamed I stand in the crowd, to You I lay my burdens down. Your body broken just for me. Your life was taken to set me free.

Ch2: God your mercy falls like rain, faithful always, my heart whispers your name, Jesus. You sweetly call my name. Here I stand amazed at the mystery of Your grace, Jesus. I found healing at the cross.

Bridge: Amazing grace how sweet the sound that saved a wretch like me. I once was lost but now I’m found was blind but now I see.

You're Not Alone

Vs1: Paint on a smile like you do every day. Pick up the pieces and move out of the way. You live life like you are a shadow, but don’t you know to God you matter.

Ch: To anyone lonely, if you feel left behind, you wanna give in cause no one’s on your side, I promise God sees you. He knows what you’ve been through. No matter what you do, you’re not alone.

Vs2: Once again the doors been slammed in your face. You have never felt this betrayed. All you hear is your own heart break. There’s only so much silence you can take.   

Bridge: When you lose yourself in a sea of people, like your just one grain of sand. Remember this, you’re precious in God’s eyes. No matter what you do, He’ll never leave your side.


Vs1: You stare at your past in the face, ashamed of your masquerade. You’re searching for hope to hold on to, but you won’t take the truth that’s been given to you.

Ch: You just run, run, run away, from the voices that taunt you each day. Who you gonna turn to now, when everything else fails. Don’t just run, run, run away, love is chasing you.

Vs2: You are your worst enemy, controlled by the memory of defeat. You’re trying to find who you are, but you won’t look past the scars.

Beauty For Ashes

Vs1: Beneath the surface is not what the world thinks it is. I’m not so perfect inside, got some things to clean up in my life.

Ch1: Give me beauty for ashes; it’s all that I am, just dust of the earth without You. An unclean heart, breaking heart, wanting to be pure and new, give me beauty for ashes.

Vs2: I bow before my King and I praise Him with all of me. Lord You give joy to the broken, strength to the weak, heal me.

Bridge: Somehow I can’t explain it’s like You cleared my slate. Oh what amazing grace, I have been remade. You take me as I am. You fill me up again. I will praise You for who You are. You healed my scars.

Ch2: You gave me beauty for ashes, take all that I am, I’m beautiful because of You. A brand new heart, beating heart, living just for You, gave me beauty for ashes. 

High Road

Vs1: Turn the key, step on the gas and learn to drive away. Can’t check the rear view mirror cause all I’ll find is pain. I will keep my eyes on You. You’re the joy no matter what I go through.

Ch: So I will take the high road, even if I walk alone. It’s the path You’ve chosen, chosen for me. And I’m not gonna give up, even when it gets tough, I will follow, follow Your lead, and take up my cross. I’ll take up my cross.

Vs2: The path ahead is so unclear. Distractions cloud my view. Life is full of twists and turns but I put my trust in You. You never said it would be easy but You said that You will never leave me.

Bridge: In the dark, in the fear, in the fire, in the flood You’re the voice urging me to fight on. When I’m lost and afraid, when I lose my way You’re the voice telling me to stay strong.

Daughter of Mine

Vs1: As I wait in the quiet, Lord I long for Your presence. I know You’re here, singing over me with the sweetest melody.

Ch: Singing daughter of mine, I’ll never let you go. Hold on tight, it won’t be an easy road. But do you know how beautiful you are and the way you move my heart. Daughter of mine, you are mine.

Vs2: I’m amazed at Your ways God, how You bought me with your precious blood. I can call You Aba Father. You’re so unlike any other.

Bridge: You are a pearl of great price and your hands do the work of Christ. Your laugh makes me smile, cause you are my beautiful child. 


 Vs1: Weary boy you keep it all inside. Roll down your sleeves so no one sees the scars behind. You cut a little deeper every time. Oh weary boy you believed the lies.

Vs2: Weary boy no one see’s you cry. No one feels the pain that’s killing you inside. The bullet filled words ringing in your mind. The cold, harsh reality of being left behind.

Ch: God gives peace, and rest, and a place to lay your head. There is hope, there’s a home and a place where you belong. You are loved, you are wanted, oh weary boy you’ve been adopted.

Vs3: Weary girl you say you’re not good enough, to ever know what it’s like to feel true love. Well true love died to take your place. And true love is calling you by name.